Hemorrhoids, If Not Treated Early, Could Lead To Colon Or Rectum Cancer.

If the symptoms of hemerrhoids are found early enough and treated, it can dramatically lower the likelihood of you developing cancer of the colon. Hemroids symptoms could also lead to you losing the ability to control your bowel movements. The symptoms can be many and sometimes even mistaken for another disease. In some cases, you could have hemorrhoids for years without experiencing any symptoms.
Hemorrhoids are enlarged veins inside and outside the anal area. They often get infected and inflamed, making them even more enlarged and causing itching and other irritating effects. More than half the worlds population will develop hemorrhoids at some point on their life! Pregnant women have a tendency to developing hemorrhoids more than others.
Hemorrhoids can cause discomfort, painful bleeding, itching and social embarrassment. Some of the more common symptoms of hemorrhoids are:
– mucus-like discharge from the rectum
– mucus-like discharge from the rectum
– pain and itching in the rectum
– pain and itching in the rectum
Hemorrhoidal bleeding happens because the hemorrhoids themselves are swollen blood vessels in your rectum. When these blood vessels split it causes bleeding, which will occur if a bowel movement causes these internal hemorrhoids to rupture.
Some of the most common symptoms of internal hemorrhoids is bleeding as well as itching in the anal area. However, hemorrhoids aren’t the only cause of itching in the anal area. Low anal hygiene, intestinal worms, psoriasis, other forms of dermatitis or local infection, or even too much coffee can cause itching!
SEVERE WARNING: Hemorrhoids can grow worse over the years, so when you detect them or their symptoms, you should search for medical advice immediately.
What can you do to prevent hemorrhoids?
One of the best ways to steer clear of hemorrhoids is to stop the pressure and straining that come with constipation. These tips can help reduce the effects of hemorrhoids:
– not sitting in one place for a long time
– try not sitting in one place for a long period of time
– avoid sitting in one place for a long period of time
– drink 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday
– limiting the time spend on the toilet
– maintaining a healthy body weight
Is There a Hemroids Cure or Treatment?
You will find many treatments available out there but the one I will mention is a 100% essential oil formula used to treat external and internal hemorrhoids and is known to shrink hemorrhoidal tissue and completely eliminate the condition. Used together with an anti-inflammatory formula to treat bleeding hemorrhoids and calm acute pain and reduce swelling.
Because this Hemroids Treatment is made from pure essential oils, they have the capability to penetrate into the cell membranes to give almost instant relief. The treating process differs from person to person, yet most of the people who have used this treatment experience immediate relief.

Dogs, Like People Get Cancer, And Hold Clues To Cures

More than six million dogs are diagnosed with cancer every year with over 100 different manifestations of the disease. Dogs share a similar environment to humans, which facilitates analysis for causes of cancer in dogs being traceable to causes in humans. Following diagnosis, many distraught dog owners are piling their beloved pet into the car for radiation and chemotherapy treatments. There may be an alternative in sight for you if your best friend Gabriel has been diagnosed with cancer. What’s even more exciting is that a new field of oncology research, known as comparative oncology, is treating dogs with revolutionary treatments that may someday be used on humans.

Gene analysis of tumors removed from dogs has revealed many similar genetic components to those found in humans. Dogs tend to live a shorter amount of time after diagnosis than humans, in part due to their shorter life spans in general, which presents an opportunity for researchers to observe whether the drug is having any effect over an abbreviated period of time. What might take five years to develop into a terminal cancer in a human being will take anywhere between six months and a year and a half in a dog but testing for cancer on a dog is non invasive and can be as simple as analyzing saliva samples. Prevention should be promoted.

Good News for Dogs and for Humans
This development in the treatment of cancer in dogs is indeed exciting for humans. While all cancers are believed to have genetic features, how the cells mutate to produce the cancer is still unknown. Cancers in humans come and go in the body all the time. A healthy immune system can attack free radicals gone amok before they gather speed. However, if not stopped in time, these cells duplicate and rapidly multiply, replicating faster than healthy cells and ultimately consuming organs. If we knew more about what causes the initial renegade cells or what prompts their dysfunctional replication, tests could be conducted to determine whether the tumor responds to various drugs.

Different breeds are prone to different cancers in the same way a Spaniel is at risk for ear infections and a Great Dane to skin conditions. Humans are more reluctant to take part in a clinical trial whereas desperate puppy owners are willing to try new treatments in the hope of extending Garbriel’s life. Humans are not offered clinical trials until all other conventional treatments have been exhausted.

At diagnosis an oncologist endeavors to get a sample of a person’s tumor in order to determine the type of cancer and the best protocol. Tests on dogs recently found that it was possible to get a genetic analysis for a variety of cancers from dogs of varying breeds within a week.

Ongoing clinical trials, including those conducted by the National Cancer Institute are looking at dogs with melanoma, a specific type of blood vessel cancer, and osteosarcoma. The trials will test various treatment modalities, which are in part, based on the genetics of the tumor and endeavor to stop metastasis. If researchers can find ways to prevent spread in dogs their findings might be applicable to metastasis in cancers found in humans.

Often dogs are diagnosed too late. They are unable to communicate that they do not feel well. An owner usually only discovers their dog is ill by finding a lump under the skin or by other signs of discomfort. Vets will give a prognosis and depending on estimated life span an owner is faced with the daunting decision of whether to treat or euthanize. Problems faced in humans with resistance to treatments also occur in dogs enabling cancers to return and spread to other parts of the body. One major difference to be considered is that the chemical substances present in dogs can be vastly different from those in humans, which can create complications as pharmaceutical companies seek approval for clinical trials. What might prove to be toxic in canines might not be in humans.

Much has been written about the morality of ‘experimenting’ on animals. If a dog is declared terminally ill would it be of any benefit to try a revolutionary treatment? What if this treatment drastically extended Gabriel’s life expectancy and could be applied to humans as well?

As a dog owner, your pet’s health and death is a personal choice but with the similarity in genetic makeup between dogs and humans should we not look at this as a collaborative effort to find cures – for pet and owner alike? Chemotherapy treatments used on our pets have their roots in therapies used in animals of the two-legged kind. Since a new oncology drug can cost $1 billion to develop, canine studies could have a great benefit. Researchers can use the information gained in the canine study to aid in creating a human version of the drug.

Many exciting new treatments emerge and who better to ‘bring-them-home’ but man’s best friend.

Cancer Of The Breast By Jane Clarke

The most common cancer experienced by females is breast cancer. This has led to numerous searches for solutions and treatment methods. Although breast cancer is said to be responsive to some herbs, It is advised that orthodox medications are still the best available treatment for it.

It is not all breast cancer patients that don’t experience pain at the early stages of their disease. It’s possible for breast cancer to be connected with early pain; it could be a small occasional pull and aches or a constant acute pain feel. You should be aware of these.

As strange as it may sound, men are also susceptible to breast cancer. Although it’s not common, breast cancer has been diagnosed in men, mostly the sexagenarians. Therefore as a man, you shouldn’texperience exemption from the fringes of breast cancer, constantly examine yourself and at the first sign of abnormalities make an appointment with your doctors.
It doesn’t matter whether breast cancer has affected your mother and grandmother and they both died from it, you do not have to die from it too. Modern science has advanced so strongly that the diseases that used to kill people in the past no longer kill. If your breast cancer is detected in its earlier stagesyou can be sure you won’t die. So, always ensure you examine your breasts for any signs of tumor. That can save your life.

Although breast cancer causes noticeable physical changes in the breast, these changes can also happen during pregnancy and passing of a menstrual cycle. However this does not mean proper attention shouldn’t be given to these changes when they come, it just should not lead to your being paranoid.

The decline in the death rate of cancer infected individuals is due to research and early detection alongside breast cancer awareness. Information on breast cancer keeps coming up on a regular basis and it is reason for breast cancer conscious people to pay attention to this information. Knowledge they say is power; you will be able to better protect yourself from the disease if you are well furnished with information concerning it.

Statistic shows that breast cancer reoccurrence is about ten percent in treated patient. This deadly disease should not be allowed to reoccur. Post of a successful treatment of breast cancer, you should maintain a regular monthly appointment with your doctor to prevent the disease reoccurring.

The food you consume and your nutrient supply is essential when breast cancer risk is measured. If you eat more of food with preservatives and artificial additives, your breast cancer chances will be high. So when you can, stay away from junk foods and eat more of fresh foods.

Most women worry about breast cancer. This worry has lead many women into believing strange rumors that breast cancer can be gotten from toothpastes and antiperspirants. Although It is good to be careful about the products you use, but the idea that toothpastes and antiperspirants cause breast cancer is just a sign of being paranoid.

A step to the fast detection of breast cancer is regular examination of the breast by oneself for lumps and irregular shape and size. The examination is however not effective in some breast that has been augmented or implanted, as a lump in an augmented breast may not be detectable because of the alteration on the breast. Before you go for breast reform ensure that It is not the type that will not make lump detection impossible.

There are a few of other ailments that share some of the symptoms of breast cancer. These ailments include cysts, fibro adenomas, injuries and other infections. These ailments are non cancerous and may not be as severe as the breast cancer. When you notice variation in your breast, you shouldn’t wave it off thinking It’s one of these diseases, you should receive medical help immediately.

Breast cancer treatment can be associated with side effects. Some of these side effects are mild while some are severe. If you tend to experience the severe kind of breast cancer treatment side effects such as limbs numbness, It’s advised that you report to your doctor immediately and have your treatment changed.

Plant estrogens like soy are known not to increase the estrogen content of the body and also good in the alternative treatment of breast cancer. You can reduce your dairy product consumption and then replace it with soy.

Before opting for the radiation treatment mode for breast cancer, you should be fully informed of the danger associated with it. Although it can prevent the removal of the affected breast, it posses danger to the other cells around the treated region. Fully know this before taking it up.

A lot of people believe that It’s impossible for men to develop breast cancer. What they don’t know is that no matter how undeveloped the man’s breast is, it still has its own tissues. These tissues as well can develop malignant cell growth causing breast cancer. So as a man, you need to also pay attention to information on breast cancer as you are not exactly free from it.

One of the sign to watch out for on your breast to help you detect breast cancer is the appearance of bruises that won’t go away. Also you may notice ridges or thickness within the breast tissues, this may occur around the surroundings of the breast and not within the breast. Pay attention to this info as it may help you discover breast cancer premature thereby increasing your survival chances.

Natural Cure For Breast Cancer With Coffee Enemas

I learned about coffee enemas when searching for a natural treatment for breast cancer. After careful consideration of all my options, including chemotherapy and radiation, I chose the Gerson Therapy, a natural treatment for cancer and other degenerative diseases.

At first I was hesitant about the use of coffee enemas as part of the therapy, but faced with a life threatening disease I was willing to try this strange sounding procedure. Much to my surprise I found it to be an easy and refreshing treatment that I actually enjoyed. I immediately felt lighter, happier and more limber.

Organic coffee is a powerful agent for detoxifying. When taken as an enema it purifies the liver and its stored negative emotions, like worry, anger and fear. It gives great relief for both body and mind while fighting cancer.

According to the Gerson Therapy, the caffeine in coffee administered as an enema detoxifies the liver. The coffee enema is retained for about 10 minutes. All of the body’s blood passes through the liver every three minutes. As this vital fluid passes through the caffeinated liver, the blood serum is detoxified.

Coffee enemas flush toxic bile from the liver which further affects the body’s enzymatic catalyst, known as glutathion S-transferase (GST). The GST is increased in quantity by 700 percent by a coffee enema—an excellent physiological effect, because the GST enzyme destroys free radicals.

Discovered by Dr. Max Gerson while serving as a medic in World War I, the coffee enema was found to relieve pain and accelerate healing in wounded soldiers. It later became a part of The Gerson Therapy, a natural regime he developed for healing cancer.

The coffee enema, combined with the Gerson Therapy diet of fresh organic juices, vegetarian foods and supplements, has proved to be an effective method for combatting breast cancer. Flooding the body with nutrition while eliminating toxins boosts the body’s cancer fighting ability and allows it to heal naturally. Within just a few months, my tests confirmed that the cancer was in remission. Not only did I avoid the terrible side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, but I learned to take control of my health and rebuild my body to be strong and resilient. It’s not easy to step out of the box of traditional cancer treatment and try an alternative therapy. It requires great strength, optimism and trust in the body’s natural healing power.

Since undergoing the Gerson Therapy five years ago, I have been enjoying radiant health and strength. I still do coffee enemas a couple of times a month as a preventative measure and to keep my liver strong and healthy.

Friends often ask me if they can do coffee enemas for various health complaints, and the answer is yes! It’s a great cleanse that will help improve digestion, complexion, allergies, immunity, arthritis, and many degenerative diseases. I have scribbled out the recipe for people many times on the back of a napkin or envelope. Now I have finally created a blog to share and discuss the procedure, recipe and benefits.

I also recommend that if you are seriously ill, contact the Gerson Institute and undergo the full treatment for your disease—whether as an alternative to conventional medicine, or as a supplement to help purify the system after chemotherapy.

As a breast cancer survivor, I encourage anyone faced with this disease to research their alternatives for natural treatment and not to overlook the healing wonders of the body—and of coffee enemas!

Common Treatments To Treat Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer affects thousands of men each year and is continually changing into different strains. Outlined are some of the common procedures utilised in treating a patient that has been positively diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Once diagnosed and various consultations have taken place, options are left available for the patient to review and with the benefit of the Urologist at hand, will select the best course of treatment, given what stage the cancer is in.
A Prostatectomy is the physical removal of the prostate gland and nearby tissues that could have caused the cancer to spread to other areas. Common methods of Prostatectomy are the ‘Radical retropubic prostatectomy’ and the ‘radical perineal prostatectomy’.
The Radical retropubic prostatectomy involved surgery and the entire prostate, surrounding tissues and part of the reproductive vessels are removed in this prodcedure, in hope, to have prevented the cancer spreading. In certain cases during this procedure, if the cancer identified is quite small, a variation procedure is carried out, called the ‘nerve-sparing radical retropubic prostatectomy’ which involved nerve endings being ‘isolated’ after the gland and surrouding tissues are removed.

However, recently due to extensive research, trials have taken place to actually do a nerve transplant, where a nerve is taken from, say the leg, and transplanted back into the affected area to preserve the ability to have, and maintain errections during sexual arousal. This has been performed usually when the ‘nerve sparing technique’ could not be performed.

The difference with the radical perineal prostatectomy, is that the surgeon operates underneath the testicles, between the perineum and and anus and physically removes the prostate gland, nearby surrounding tissues and the cancer. But, what can you expect after such major surgery? Well, the radical prostatectomy procedure can last anything upto 4 hours and is considered the longer of the two surgeries, where after surgery a catheter (a small tube) is inserted into the urethra of the penis and allows the patient to urinate after surgery, this will remain in place for a few weeks after the surgery to allow the healing process to complete. After this is complete, the catheter is removed and the individual should be able to urinate naturally. However, after either surgery, you are required to be monitored in hospital for a few days and will need to have atleast 5 weeks rest and recuperation at home.

Once the prostate is removed, it is sent for analysis and the specialists can determine what type of cancer was there and if indeed it had the possibility of spreading or was confined to the prostate gland. This is called localised prostate cancer, but as with any cancer, if there was a chance of the cancer spreading, further consultations, examinations and treatments, including radiotherapy might need consideration. One advantage of this procedure is that once the prostate is removed, it is a one time procedure and can ‘catch’ the cancer in its early stages, preventing any further spreads. However, on the down side as we discussed, the individual can suffer from impotence, urinary incontinence, bowel complications and sometimes narrowing of the urethra that can make urination difficult.

Other methods of treating prostate cancer are (TURP) which stands for ‘transurethral resection of the prostate’ and is used in men that can’t have the other methods described due to illness or age, Moreover new technology has allowed us to open the doors to new experimental treatments, such as laparoscopic and robotic prostatectomy, but these are still very much in the development stage and will be some time before they are readily available as active treatments.

Magnetic Fields and Cancer Treatment

I have never been a proponent of saying that PEMFs alone should be used to treat cancer. The most humbling thing I can say about the treatment of cancer is that there are no perfect solutions. I would also say there is no such thing as a cure.

No such thing as a cure

Cancer is a chronic illness. Even though you have been declared “cured” by a doctor, usually defined as surviving beyond 5 years after diagnosis, there is almost lifelong vigilance and surveillance to be sure the cancer has not come back. Yes, you can effectively be in a state of long-term remission after an original diagnosis. Unfortunately, very many people do not live beyond 5 years or for that matter beyond 10 or even 15 years after their diagnosis. So, medicine today continues to search for answers in the war on cancer, to find a cure.

To me the real issue is not necessarily to find a cure, even though that is certainly a desirable goal, but rather to find ways of making our current therapies more effective to produce longer-lasting results with a better quality of life. So often, current medical therapies are brutal, making people very ill, with often poor results nonetheless. Yes, certainly, in many cases the therapies do produce long-lasting benefits, but this is often uncertain and unpredictable.

Enhancing existing therapies with PEMFs

How can we make the results of medical therapies more certain and more predictable? PEMF therapies may be one approach to enhancing the value of existing therapies. The research available to support the use of PEMFs in the setting of cancer is still far from being of great certainty. Of course, the same can be said of most existing medical therapies. So, the question is what is the harm? The harm comes largely from uncertainty. Conventional medical therapies still have a huge level of uncertainty as well, but they are sanctioned by society and the medical community. That makes them acceptable, even though they are very often ineffective. Because PEMFs are not as acceptable, and because the science is not compelling, to convince most doctors or most guideline and professional bodies, they are considered to be “unacceptable”. That being said, most doctors however are completely ignorant about what PEMFs do biologically and physically. And, unfortunately, they are not even willing to explore these approaches. Likewise, most doctors are not even willing to approach and consider nutritional aspects of managing cancer. As a result, the consumer and the person suffering from cancer, is largely left on his/her own.

Perhaps we can shed a little bit of light on this issue with the potential use of PEMFs with 2 recent studies that have been reported. One is in humans and one is in animals. Even conventional medical oncology sometimes resorts to relying on animal studies, in the absence of any available human studies. Since you can’t always conclude that the results from animal studies can be applied to humans, drawing conclusions from animal studies needs to be done with some caution. However, I’m of the belief that individuals are responsible for their own health and will ultimately make their own best personal decisions.

Human Study

In the human study, done in China, magnetic fields were studied in the treatment of patients with advanced cancers of various kinds. Unfortunately, the entire article is a written in Chinese, so it is not available in complete form to us. In this study, 137 patients with advanced malignant tumors were exposed to what amounts to a sinusoidal magnetic field of approximately 7 Hz, at 4000 Gauss, for 2 hours a day for between 30 to 50 days. The clinical benefit was 60%. 28 patients had a complete response and 54 had a partial response. The median overall survival was 12 months. The 1-year, 2-year and 3-year survival rates were 47.0%, 11.8%, 3.4%, respectively. Complications were minimal. There were no treatment related deaths. Unfortunately, the survival rates in individuals with advanced cancers normally tend to be very poor. If life can be extended comfortably, this could be a very important benefit. So, the type of PEMF used in this study seems to have improved the quality of life of these individuals and probably in many cases prolonged survival. It is well known in the medical community that people with advanced cancers do very poorly. Medical therapies in these people are largely experimental and likewise have poor results.

While we don’t have commercially available PEMFs exactly the same as those used in this study, we do have available PEMF systems that are of a comparable intensity with a similar frequency. However, these devices are often very expensive and need to be used for extended periods of time, that is, 2 hours per day, on a daily basis, for extended periods of time, for months, if not the rest of the person’s life. It is not known if treatment extended beyond the 30 to 50 days used in this study would have produced even better results. Nonetheless, these results are very impressive, despite the limited length of time the treatment was used. Since often these treatments are applied in doctors’ offices, the treatment durations are probably too short. Even if available PEMFs are not exactly comparable to those used in this study, available devices have the potential to produce similar results. In the end, there is no harm, from what this study shows, in trying. In my clinical experience patients using PEMFs on an ongoing basis, in the home setting, long-term, with or without conventional therapies do better and are much more comfortable.

Ref: Han JQ, Liu Q, Sun CT, Yao J, Zhao B, Wang H. Efficacy and safety of low-frequency rotary magnetic fields in the treatment of patients with advanced malignant tumors. [Article in Chinese] Zhonghua Zhong Liu Za Zhi. 2013 Jun;35(6):468-71.

Animal Study

Another study looked at the use of pulsed electric fields in breast cancer in mice. Electric fields have both an electric and magnetic aspect to them, Very short pulse length pulsed electric fields, which didn’t create heating to destroy tissue were used. The frequency was 4 hertz. Two weeks after treatment, the growth of treated tumors was inhibited by 79%. MRI was used to assess the physical changes in the tumors. Various growth factors, including the development of new blood vessels were strongly suppressed. As a control, normal skin was treated the same way as the tumors and showed no permanent changes. So, tumors react differently to PEMFs, in a positive fashion, than normal tissue. The results suggest short pulse electromagnetic fields may be able to inhibit human breast cancer development and suppress tumor blood vessel growth, and may therefore serve as a novel therapy for breast cancer.

Ref: Wu S, Wang Y, Guo J, Chen Q, Zhang J, Fang J. Nanosecond pulsed electric fields as a novel drug free therapy for breast cancer: An in vivo study. Cancer Lett. 2013 Oct 4. S0304-3835(13)00701-5.


These 2 studies show us that PEMFs have significant potential in helping patients with cancer, advanced or otherwise. Obviously, a great deal more research needs to be done to discover the best signals and approaches. It remains to the individual to determine whether using PEMFs along with their conventional approaches is something they might want to consider. As a physician, I can’t tell you whether this is your best option. I feel comfortable, however, knowing what I know about PEMFs and their benefits, that PEMFs can be a very important addition to whatever approach to cancer treatment an individual may choose. At this point, suffice it to say, nobody has a perfect solution.

Cancer Treatment Options Abound for Cancer Patients

Whenever the word “cancer” is mentioned, many people jump to the conclusion that chemotherapy is the only treatment option available. This could not be further from the truth.

Chemotherapy is one of the many treatments available for cancer and is often used in a combination of treatments, or not used at all. While the main treatment of cancer may have been chemotherapy in the past, new technology and further research are continuing to allow for evolving cancer care options in Nevada and around the world.

At Sierra Nevada Cancer Center, a few methods are used to treat cancer. Biological therapies, cancer vaccines, and immunotherapy are all used as effective treatments of cancer — in addition to chemotherapy.

This post will provide a broad description of a few of these treatment options. But remember: Your oncologist will determine your best course of treatment based on your specific cancer and history.

Biological Therapies

Biological therapies are therapies that use your body’s natural defense system to fight cancer itself, the effects of cancer or the effects of other treatments of cancer. The National Cancer Institute further explains biological therapies: “Biological therapy involves the use of living organisms, substances derived from living organisms, or laboratory-produced versions of such substances to treat disease.”

Dr. Jorge Perez, MD, PhD, MRCP, MRCPath, and his staff at Sierra Nevada Cancer Center keep themselves well-versed on the latest and most effective treatments of cancer available, like biological therapies, to bring better cancer care in Nevada.

Cancer Vaccines

Cancer vaccines can be used in the treatment of cancer to stimulate or repair parts of your body’s immune system to promote the defense against cancer or your body’s ability to fight cancer itself. There are two kinds of cancer vaccines: preventative vaccines and treatment vaccines.

• Preventative vaccines are designed to protect individuals from getting cancer by vaccinating them against diseases and viruses that could lead to cancer, like human papillomavirus (HPV).

• Treatment vaccines treat existing cancer by strengthening the body’s ability to fight cancer cells.


Immunotherapy is a kind of biological therapy that aims to teach your immune system to specifically target cancer cells or to give a general boost to your immune system. Immunotherapy can be effective to treat certain kinds of cancer, like lung cancer, on its own, but is typically used in conjunction with other kinds of cancer treatment.

“In the last few decades immunotherapy has become an important part of treating some types of cancer,” reports the American Cancer Society.“Newer types of immune treatments are now being studied, and they’ll impact how we will treat cancer in the future.”


Chemotherapy remains one of the most effective treatments of cancer available. The American Cancer Institute outlineshow chemotherapy can be used in conjunction with other treatments for cancer:

“When used with other treatments, chemotherapy can:

• Make a tumor smaller before surgery or radiation therapy. This is called neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

• Destroy cancer cells that may remain after treatment with surgery or radiation therapy. This is called adjuvant chemotherapy.

• Help other treatments work better.

• Kill cancer cells that have returned or spread to other parts of your body.

Hidden Side effect of Cancer Treatment – Big Medical Bills

Anne Koller was diagnosed wіth late-stage colon cancer іn 2011 аnd has been fighting it since. Bυt it’s nоt јυѕt tһe cancer she’s fighting. It’s tһe bills.

“Think оf thoѕе оlԁ horror flicks,” she says. “The swamp creature … comes oυt аnd is kind оf oozy, аnd it oozes оvеr everything.”

Wһen she was able tо work, Koller, wһo јuѕt turned 65, was іn tһе corporate world anԁ safely middle-class, wіtһ health insurance anԁ plenty оf savings. At first, she was tоo sick tо deal wіtһ tһе bills. Thеу piled up.

“You start looking аt tһeѕe bills,” Koller says, “and, аs mucһ аs you know it’s expensive, thе shock іtsеӏf is like, ‘What?'”

Anne Koller was diagnosed wіth stage 3 colon cancer іn 2011. She has been fighting cancer аnd thе medical bills еver since.

Heг response was tо begin asking һег doctors aЬoυt thе cost оf tһе treatments thеy recommended. Middle-income patients are feeling thе weight оf tһаt financial burden mогe tһan ever, says Dr. Neal Meropol, аn oncologist аt University Hospitals іn Cleveland. He tоok oνеr Koller’s care а couple оf years ago.

“Patients are weighing tһіs іn tһeіr calculus now,” Meropol says.

High-deductible health plans аnԁ soaring drug prices are tо blame, he says, anԁ а sea change happened wһen а nеw generation оf drug therapies got FDA approval fоr treatment іn thе late 1990s.

“We went frоm drugs tһаt cost а fеw hunԁrеd dollars fог а couгѕe оf therapy tһаt might be а month oг ѕix months ог а year, tо drugs thаt were costing $10,000 а month,” Meropol says.

Total cost оf cancer care іn thе U.S. is projected tо reach morе tһan $150 billion bу 2020, accоrdіng tо tһе National Cancer Institute. Tһе U.S. Centers fог Disease Control аnԁ Prevention released а study lаѕt year tһаt found that, compared witһ people witһоut а cancer diagnosis, cancer survivors are lеѕѕ ӏikеly tо work anԁ mогe ӏіkеӏу tо struggle financially. Anоtһег study, оυt оf Washington state, found thаt tһе longer а cancer patient survived, tһе higher thе rate оf bankruptcy.

University оf Chicago’s Dr. Jonas de Souza argues thаt it’s time fог oncologists tо begin cоnsіԁегing thе financial consequences аѕ а real side effect оf cancer care.

“We talk aЬоυt hair loss,” de Souza says. “We talk abоυt numbness аnd tingling іn tһe hands аnԁ feet. We talk about, ‘This chemotherapy will cause ӏоw blood counts.’ Right. Should we аӏѕo be talking about, ‘Well, tһiѕ chemotherapy is expensive’?”

Medical Bills Linger, Long Afteг Cancer Treatment Ends

De Souza аnԁ Meropol are part оf а growing field оf researchers studying thе impact of cancer treatment costs for patients. Koller will tell you cancer does cause financial stress.

“Here’s whаt happens,” Koller says. “I was talking аboυt tһаt swamp thing … Ьut you know, OK, you go tо collections. You enԁ uр witһ а court thing. I had been talking tо thе hospital, asking fоr help — nothing, nothing. Finally, tһеу went tо а sliding payment scale.”

Hег credit is ruined. Sо she’s driving аn olԁ car. Small expenses, like аn Internet connection, are oυt оf tһе question. Anԁ theге are otһer challenges.

“Socially, things change а lot,” she says. “You talk tо people and, іf you dare, say, ‘God, you know, I can’t afford this,’ fоr instance.” Or, ” ‘Let’s go oυt tо lunch,’ оn tһe day you can eat. You … think twісe aЬоut it.”

Koller says she wishes moгe financial information had been given earlier іn hеr treatments. She is nоw using tһe veгу ӏаѕt оf һer savings tо pay tһе bills — and, still, ѕоme are going unpaid.

Prolotherapy, medical facial therapy and cancer treatment in san Diego

We tell the intensity of pain somebody is through by the agony it causes them. This pain could be caused by joint instability or osteoarthritis. We are mostly compelled to get a permanent remedy to the pain and we do all we can to ease the pain either for us or our loved ones. Most of the medical pain relief solutions we go for such situations are cortisone and steroidal injections. As opposed to these that don’t offer permanent pain solutions is prolotherapy. This is a revolutionary treatment that comes as an affordable treatment that is a surgery alternative that allows the patient to get back to their lifestyle safely and quickly

Reasons why prolotherapy is best for joint pain treatment

Prior to knowing how prolotherapy works. It’s good to know why it is really necessary. Our ligaments and ligaments have low blood supply and more to this they don’t heal completely after an injury. Due to incomplete healing, chronic pain may develop and not go away. Use of other pain and anti-inflammatory medications only relieves the pain but does not rid the patient of it permanently. This way Prolotherapy is opted instead.

How prolotherapy works.

Prolotherapy is the injecting an anesthetic in the affected area. This triggers healing to the specific place due to the mild injection caused by the injection than in turn brings about an inflammatory response that triggers the healing process. This way the growth of a new tendon, ligament or cartilage is enhanced. The new tissues are stronger and healthier and this way, you are delivered from the previous pain. Prolotherapy San Diego medication is a medical option that provides a permanent solution and is best suited to treat everybody.

Vampire facial therapy

Vampire facial therapy is not exactly vampire as the term suggests but is actually a micro-needling procedure carried out to eliminate or rather treat wrinkles, dark spots, lines and increase skin appearance. Tiny needles are used in this procedure for production of own natural collagen and elastin growth for tissue regeneration. This way the look of aging is wiped away and that beauty is brought up. This is a natural way to reduce wrinkles and enhance collagen production. The vampire facial San Diego procedure does not only eliminate wrinkles but it also tightens and tones skin while minimizing scars dark spots and stretch marks. This procedure is best suited for patients who don’t prefer synthetic fillers.

Cancer treatment

For overall health, prevention of cancer treatment side effects and disease fighting, cancer patients need to utilize natural cancer therapies. These are the best recommended supplements for individualized treatment of cancer. The main advantage of these natural cancer treatment San Diego therapies is their ability to help reduce side effects brought about by oncology treatment regimes. When cancer patients who undergo oncology treatment embrace these therapies, the risky side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy are reduced and even prevented and more to that, these therapies support the immune system in fighting cancer while preventing recurrences of other types of cancer.

Organic Cancer Treatment Vs Traditional Cancer Therapy

During anti – cancer treatment (Conventional malignancy treatment), it is hard to safeguard the healthy cellular material of side effects brought on by the drugs applied. Although the associated with treatment vary based on each patient and also the medications used, virtually all cancer patients suffer negative effects of treatment which affect their skin, appear and body organs. A part from the work of doctors and patients would be to precisely manage these potential unwanted effects. The function of this article would be to summarize the primary side effects brought on by various kinds of conventional malignancy treatments and potential organic treatment (including nutrition, treatments and immunotherapy). Why don’t start with the traditional methodsThere are 4 (4) types of anti – cancer treatment:Surgery : Surgery, the oldest kind of cancer treatment, is employed in cancer therapy either to remove the particular tumor, as well as entire body organ. Cancer surgery provides the greatest choice of cure of malignancies that have not distribute to other areas of the body. But no matter how productive a surgery may be, it provokes much more all the subsequent side effects: – Risk associated with wound infection – Damage to be able to internal organs and bloodstream during surgical procedure – Blood clots can build in the strong veins of the thighs and leg after surgery, particularly if a person continues to be in bed for a long period – Reactions to be able to anesthesia or other medications. Although rare, these types of can be serious simply because they can cause precariously low blood demands. – Problems to organs, like the lungs, heart, or even kidneys. They are very rare however can happen and is life-threateningRadiotherapy : Radiation therapy will be the utilization of ionizing radiation to be able to kill cancer cells as well as shrink tumors. It may be administered outwardly (external beam radiotherapy) or even insidethe camera (brachytherapy). Unfortunately, the radiation can cause severe bloodstream changes including drop within production of new bloodstream cells, nausea, anemia as well as vomiting. Additional short/long-term side effects associated with radiotherapy may include:- Irritation as well as burning of the pores and skin – Infertility – radiation towards the testicles may cause permanent lack of sperm manufacturing – Fatigue is a frequent a result of radiation. It could be connected to anemia or vulnerable immune system – Brain condition – radiation therapy towards the brain may cause changes in mind function that can result in memory loss, reduced sexual desire, and so on – Skin disorder – radiotherapy can make the skin become tender or even sensitive. Your skin may also turn out to be dry and itching. Peeling from the skin may happen. – Second cancers : the radiation itself may cause Second malignancies (metastases) – Erectile dysfunction : radiationtherapy towards the pelvis can break the arteries as well as nerves that supply your penis and issues with erectionsChemotherapy : Chemotherapy is really a systemic treatment, their effects affect both healthful cells as cancer cellular material. Generally, these results depend to a huge proportion of drugs recommended and their dose. The anti-cancer medications quickly affect cell department. Which means that the white-colored blood cells, which deal with infection, can also be affected.This mixture of factors explains exactly why patients are more vulnerable to infections and tiredness or even anemia throughout cancer therapy. Similarly, this modify of cell division leads to hair loss or calvicie. Intestinal disorders for example diarrhea, nausea as well as vomiting, and finally lesions on the skin on the teeth (mucositis) could be observed.Hormonotherapy : Side effects brought on by hormonotherapy depend generally on the kind of treatment used as well as prescribed medicines. Among the drugs within hormonotherapy is known as Tamoxifen: they have the effect associated with depriving cancer cells associated with estrogen. The actual Tamoxifen can cause sizzling flashes, irritation or genital discharge, nausea and abnormal menstruationDuring and after malignancy treatment (conventional treatment)Here a few advices that may help: Maintain your diet lower in unhealthy fats. Use mainly unsaturated fats for example fish oil as well as flax seed oil that are rich in tissot 3 essential fatty acids. Eat along with raw veggies abundantly; along with cruciferous vegetables slow up the risk of all kinds of cancers and the reoccurrences. Enhance your the consumption of calcium; High the consumption of calcium reduces the chance of certain kind of cancers. Sustain a normal weight; an excessive amount of body fat is actually associated with a large number of illnesses. Eat foods full of antioxidant vitamins. Do not smoke cigarettes! Cigarette smoke, which includes second hand smoke, will be the number one reason for lung malignancy. Exercise regularly to hold the body hydrated by consuming a lot of liquids daily; Silver water is essential. Enhance your fiber consumption; It really is proven in a number of researches high dietary fiber lower the probability of having intestines cancers. Decrease stress, anxiety and melancholy by laughing, praying as well as singing; prayer is vital to opening the threshold of impossibilityNatural malignancy treatmentAlternative cancer aligners are the usage of herbal solutions to address what causes the malignancy (not only the symptoms) and increase the immune system to be able to fight against pathogens that help the body cure itself. Used regularly, certain natural herbal solutions may help to keep the healthy working of every cell within your body and reinforce the immune system to make sure continued health insurance and vitality. Of course we all know, a wholesome strong defense mechanisms is a main factor in protecting your body against infection or even diseases like cancer, along with the particular promotion of recovery right after illness and during malignancy treatment. Our malignancy remedies do that and much more. Therefore the powerful tonic effect of the constituents in our organic cancer remedies, they may be of great advantage in maintaining systemic in addition to mobile health.To know more in order to fight malignancy naturally, visit our organic cancer recovery website.